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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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draws contrast to reports of transition turmoil. who's being pushed out -- and who's being brought in to team trump. despite homeless people buckling down and not packing up -- denver police are saying get out, or be swept out. in our exploration of colorado this week -- we're also getting some cultural exploration. today's gem -- a popular teahouse that was disassembled, crated up, and sent halfway around the world...
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joins us. marty- we could break record
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president-elect donald trump is dismissing news reports about turmoil within his team. he tweeted late tuesday that he's very organized in picking his cabinet -- and he's the only one who know who the finalists are. mr. trump met with top advisers last night about that process. former congressman mike been advising trump on national security - abruptly left. several others did too after trump decided last week to replace new jersey governor chris christie as transition chairman with his v-p mike pence. but mr. trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway said that replacement was a natural choice. but democrats aren't focusing on that -- they're still
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strategist steve bannon. bannon is the former head of breitbart news -- with a following among the alt- right, white nationalist movement. twitter is now suspending a number of accounts associated with the alt-right movement as they crack down on hate speech. the alt-right is a loosely organized group that has ties with white nationalism. now that four states have decided to legalize recreational marijuana -- one city in massachusetts is looking to denver for help and advice. two denver public health officials will meet with boston's board of health today. they'll talk about denver's experiences sorting issues around legalizing pot. colorado was the
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of the drug legal in 20-12. homeless people camping out on denver's downtown streets say they have no where else to go. so they're refusing to leave. but the city still says -- they have to pack up. 9news reporter andrew sorensen is live in downtown denver. andrew, police are trying for a second day in a row to enforce the camping ban today... police have been in that they'd be coming in to clear the camp yesterday. but unlike other times the city has cleared homeless camps this year... this time, people are refusing to leave. some of the homeless started protesting when the city came in to clear out the camp yesterday morning. these people say they don't have anywhere else to go. they don't like how they've been treated in the shelters. some people say there's not enough space. they're also suing the city over these sweeps. they say it's an illegal seizure of property. but on the handbills police handed out-- an address for where people can go to pick up their stuff. now the city holds there is space for these people... they'd like to see them in a safer place than these camps. it's unclear where the standoff will go from here. right now -- president obama is making a speech in greece. let's head there live...
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right now -- president obama is making a speech in making a speech in greece -- the birthplace of democracy. let's head there live...
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police say led an officer on a chase while firing shots along the way will have his preliminary hearing today. aurora police say james draper stole a car and first fired shots at
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havana back in september. but officers say he fired shots at four different places in all -- eventually pointing his gun at police. draper is now facing multiple charges -- including attempted murder. a registered sex offender is now charged again -- after the denver d-a says he took inappropriate photos at a broncos game -- up a woman's skirt. jacob magee is facing one count of invasion of privacy for sexual gratification. court papers say the 32-year-old took the pictures during the broncos gaga weeks ago. a woman confronted him after seeing it happen but he took off. police eventually found and arrested him. a nine-year scam where four men sold fake broncos gear is over -- now that they've been caught. two of the men -- marc and mitchell misko both pleaded guilty for their roles in the counterfeit sales. they'll now serve probation and pay some hefty fines. the other two men have been charged as well. one is this man -- former colorado springs police
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after getting caught. he'll be in court next month. the fourth man has already pleaded guilty -- and will have his sentencing in a few weeks. investigators say the four men sold the fake gear at the mile high flea market. still no decision on the dakota access pipeline -- and people across the country are still taking a stand against it. for the second day -- students at the university of denver will join in by protesting the pipeline leadership conference happening on campus. multiple companies are attending the conference. the stts obama and the amery corps of engineers to revoke the permits
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remember the guy who created the documentary super size me? where he only ate mcdonald's for an entire month?... interesting idea up his sleeve. and- it traveled nearly seven-thousand miles piece by piece. a teahouse that's now a symbol of peace and friendship. our next stop on
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accused of stabbing five classmates in ohio. police say the 16- year old pulled out a knife and attacked five boys in the locker room before stabbing himself on tuesday. mountain view high school in orem was put on lockdown and the suspect was taken into custody. the school district says the suspect was a new student who was homeschooled before attending the school this year. they say he had excellent grades and no other disciplinary issues. now, investigators out what pushed the student over the edge. all victims are expected to survive. classes will resume as normal today. the southwest airlines worker, shot dead by a gunman at an oklahoma city airport, was the father of a n-f-l player. michael winchester was killed in the
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airport on tuesday. the shooter was later discovered in a truck suffering from a possible self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. investigators beleive the gunman planned the shooting. the victim was the father of kansas city chief's player, james winchester. he would've turned 52-next week. the southeast is hoping for some wet weather to help tame several wildfires. the u-s forest service says dry weather is fueling 33-wildfires that bu some of the biggest fires are in north carolina and georgia. the fire in georgia has spread to an area about the size of manhattan new zealand's military says almost all of the more than 700 tourists and residents stuck after that powerful earthquake are no longer stranded. they say crews started loading people onto a navy ship early wednesday morning local time. hundreds were taken from kaikoura to the port of
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, near christchurch. it was about a six hour trip. others were evacuated by air. the seven-point- eight magnitude earthquake cut off all train and car access to the town monday. the new zealand finance minister says the damage toll is starting to add up. the country is in the seismically active 'ring of fire' that encircles much of the pacific ocean. around 90-percent of the world's earthquakes happen in that region. as the iraqi army continues to push into mosul -- the scale of the isis's capabilities is becoming clearer. the maker of the documentary film 'super size me' is planning to test
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food chain. morgan spurlock wants to create a four-day, pop-up restaurant called 'holy chicken' starting this saturday. he did a documentary on the health effects of eating nothing byt mcdonalds for a month. he'll test out his healthy option in columbus, ohio. he says all the chicken will be farm-to-table, and all-natural. they say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you even richer... but first -- we have to work on that 'being able to afford the travel' part. some of the top travel deals for 20-17, coming up. but first let's check in with marty... we're headed
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places with great stories. we're calling them 'colorado gems.' today, we're taking a trip up to boulder for a restaurant with origins a world away. the dushanbe tea house was given to boulder as part of a sister cities program started with dushanbe, ta- jikistan. that was in the 1980s... when tajikistan was part
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artisans there built the tea house... took it apart... and shipped it to boulder. it sat there for years. but owner lenny marti-nelli says the spirit of the thawing of the cold war helped get the teahouse built and open. boulder did eventually return the favor. they opened an internet cafe in dushanbe in 2009. ta-jikistan doesn't have a lot of internet connectivity though. city reports show it's been in and out of use. to help americans get a jump start on their 20-17 travel plans -- travelzoo
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deals. the top six -- washington d-c, florida's gulf coast, new zealand, paris, peru, and the united kingdom. the reason -- more hotel openings, better air sales, and a strong u-s dollar. let's check in with marty.
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really excited about this. the new way you can save princess peach -- right at your fingertips, next.
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your smartphone. the game will make it's smartphone debut on december 15th. and you can download it for free. unlocking the full game will cost you 9-99 though. you can get super mario run for your smartphone or tablet. the game will be similar to temple run -- where the character runs on their own and you tap the touchscreen to get them to dodge obstacles. broncos linebacker von miller is making sure he won't soon be known for anything except his glasses, shoes, and football skills... what he's now scrambling to block off the football field,
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we are taking a live look at the i-25 exit crews are here extinguishing a fire that exploded into a big ball of flames. you can see the vehicle on the right shoulder of the drive. they are allowing cars through now. which is surprising. the northbound 25 drive south of greenland is south of the colorado springs drive. what we are looking at here is the crews working on this, they just got the last of the flames out. they have been spraying water on the car. it looks to be an suv. there is a lot of white smoke.


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